Dateline sex change


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  1. Zura
    Zura 10 months ago

    I shook 0bama's hand with my rifle on my shoulder, posing for a picture while stationed in the green zone, but he was not president yet. When he asked me if I was going to vote for him, I told him no . He was a bit surprised that I said no. Most would just avoid the question.

  2. Kigazahn
    Kigazahn 10 months ago

    Hey Sofia , I have uploaded pics with my dick on you as requested !

  3. Gardale
    Gardale 10 months ago

    manda um oi pra gente se conhecer e eu mimar vc.

  4. Mujinn 10 months ago

    Morning Mo!

  5. Gardahn 10 months ago

    haha well thanks isnt our very first rodeo

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